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Title: Outliers Resistant Learning Algorithm for Radial-basis-fuzzy-wavelet-neural Network in Stomach Acute Injury Diagnosis Tasks
Authors: Bodyanskiy, Yevgeniy
Pavlov, Oleksandr
Vynokurova, Olena
Keywords: Computational Intelligence
Hybrid Architecture
Fuzzy-Wavelet Neural Network
Robust Learning Algorithm
Outliers Resistant
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA
Abstract: In this paper an outliers resistant learning algorithm for the radial-basis-fuzzy-wavelet-neural network based on R. Welsh criterion is proposed. Suggested learning algorithm under consideration allows the signals processing in presence of significant noise level and outliers. The robust learning algorithm efficiency is investigated and confirmed by the number of experiments including medical applications.
ISSN: 1313-0455
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