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Title: Self-Learning Fuzzy Spiking Neural Network as a Nonlinear Pulse-Position Threshold Detection Dynamic System Based on Second-Order Critically Damped Response Units
Authors: Bodyanskiy, Yevgeniy
Dolotov, Artem
Pliss, Iryna
Keywords: Computational Intelligence
Hybrid Intelligent System
Spiking Neural Network
Fuzzy Receptive Neuron
Fuzzy Clustering
Automatic Control Theory
Analog-Digital System
Second Order Damped Response System
Artificial Intelligence
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA
Abstract: Architecture and learning algorithm of self-learning spiking neural network in fuzzy clustering task are outlined. Fuzzy receptive neurons for pulse-position transformation of input data are considered. It is proposed to treat a spiking neural network in terms of classical automatic control theory apparatus based on the Laplace transform. It is shown that synapse functioning can be easily modeled by a second order damped response unit. Spiking neuron soma is presented as a threshold detection unit. Thus, the proposed fuzzy spiking neural network is an analog-digital nonlinear pulse-position dynamic system. It is demonstrated how fuzzy probabilistic and possibilistic clustering approaches can be implemented on the base of the presented spiking neural network.
ISSN: 1313-0455
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