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Title: A Method for Classification of Doubly Resolvable Designs and Its Application
Authors: Zhelezova, Stela
Keywords: Classification
Resolvable Design
Orthogonal Resolution
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Serdica Journal of Computing, Vol. 5, No 3, (2011), 273p-308p
Abstract: The resolvability of combinatorial designs is intensively investigated because of its applications. This research focuses on resolvable designs with an additional property - they have resolutions which are mutually orthogonal. Such designs are called doubly resolvable. Their specific properties can be used in statistical and cryptographic applications.Therefore the classification of doubly resolvable designs and their sets of mutually orthogonal resolutions might be very important. We develop a method for classification of doubly resolvable designs. Using this method and extending it with some theoretical restrictions we succeed in obtaining a classification of doubly resolvable designs with small parameters. Also we classify 1-parallelisms and 2-parallelisms of PG(5,2) with automorphisms of order 31 and find the first known transitive 2-parallelisms among them. The content of the paper comprises the essentials of the author’s Ph.D. thesis.
Description: This article presents the principal results of the Ph.D. thesis Investigation and classification of doubly resolvable designs by Stela Zhelezova (Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS), successfully defended at the Specialized Academic Council for Informatics and Mathematical Modeling on 22 February 2010.
ISSN: 1312-6555
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