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Title: Metric Fourier Approximation of Set-Valued Functions of Bounded Variation
Authors: Berdysheva, Elena E.
Dyn, Nira
Farkhi, Elza
Mokhov, Alona
Keywords: Compact Sets
Set-valued Functions
Function of Bounded Variation
Metric Selections
Metric Linear Combinations
Metric Integral
Metric approximation Operators
Trigonometric Fourier Approximation
Issue Date: 11-Jan-2021
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Berdysheva, E.E., Dyn, N., Farkhi, E. et al. Metric Fourier Approximation of Set-Valued Functions of Bounded Variation. J Fourier Anal Appl 27, 17 (2021).
Series/Report no.: J Fourier Anal Appl;27(17)
Abstract: We introduce and investigate an adaptation of Fourier series to set-valued functions (multifunctions, SVFs) of bounded variation. In our approach we define an analogue of the partial sums of the Fourier series with the help of the Dirichlet kernel using the newly defined weighted metric integral. We derive error bounds for these approximants. As a consequence, we prove that the sequence of the partial sums converges pointwisely in the Hausdorff metric to the values of the approximated set-valued function at its points of continuity, or to a certain set described in terms of the metric selections of the approximated multifunction at a point of discontinuity. Our error bounds are obtained with the help of the new notions of one-sided local moduli and quasi-moduli of continuity which we discuss more generally for functions with values in metric spaces.
ISSN: 1069-5869
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