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Title: Common Scientific Lexicon for Automatic Discourse Analysis of Scientific and Technical Texts
Authors: Bolshakova, Elena
Keywords: scientific and technical prose
common scientific words and expressions
discourse markers
scientific discourse operations
discourse-compositional analysis
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA
Abstract: The paper reports on preliminary results of an ongoing research aiming at development of an automatic procedure for recognition of discourse-compositional structure of scientific and technical texts, which is required in many NLP applications. The procedure exploits as discourse markers various domain-independent words and expressions that are specific for scientific and technical texts and organize scientific discourse. The paper discusses features of scientific discourse and common scientific lexicon comprising such words and expressions. Methodological issues of development of a computer dictionary for common scientific lexicon are concerned; basic principles of its organization are described as well. Main steps of the discourse-analyzing procedure based on the dictionary and surface syntactical analysis are pointed out.
ISSN: 1313-0463
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