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Title: Analogical Reasoning Techniques in Intelligent Counterterrorism Systems
Authors: Markman, Arthur
Rachkovskij, Dmitri
Misuno, Ivan
Revunova, Elena
Keywords: Analogical Reasoning
Structure-Mapping Theory
Associative-Projective Neural Networks
Knowledge Bases
Terrorist Acts
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA
Abstract: The paper develops a set of ideas and techniques supporting analogical reasoning throughout the life-cycle of terrorist acts. Implementation of these ideas and techniques can enhance the intellectual level of computer-based systems for a wide range of personnel dealing with various aspects of the problem of terrorism and its effects. The method combines techniques of structure-sensitive distributed representations in the framework of Associative-Projective Neural Networks, and knowledge obtained through the progress in analogical reasoning, in particular the Structure Mapping Theory. The impact of these analogical reasoning tools on the efforts to minimize the effects of terrorist acts on civilian population is expected by facilitating knowledge acquisition and formation of terrorism-related knowledge bases, as well as supporting the processes of analysis, decision making, and reasoning with those knowledge bases for users at various levels of expertise before, during, and after terrorist acts.
ISSN: 1313-0463
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